“When you feel good, you do good!”

Welcome! I’m Molly — married for almost 18 years, mom of 3, Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach, dog mom to our puppy Lucy and lover of all things outside.

While keeping my family my number one priority I pursue my God given passion of helping women achieve optimal health.

I firmly believe that God has a divine purpose for each and every one of us.  It is my passion and mission to Equip and Empower Women with the proper tools and strategies to fulfill their God given purpose with confidence and success.  It’s never about perfection; in fact, I’m a huge advocate of living a well-balanced 80/20 healthy lifestyle!

We’ve recently moved across the country from the Midwest to sunny Arizona!  We have longed to reside somewhere that we can be active as a family year-round.  We wake up every day thankful for this opportunity and hope you’ll follow along on our journey!

My Health and Wellness Journey

When you feel good, you do good! I found that when I feel good physically, mentally and emotionally, I am able to be the wife, mom, sister, friend, health coach, neighbor that God intended me to be. But it wasn’t always this way. Headaches every day, joint pain, unexplained chest pain, afternoon fatigue that required a nap, brain fog that I just couldn’t shake, and early signs of depression started creeping in many years ago and I spent nearly 2 years searching for answers.

Thankfully, my health journey led me down a path to helping other women, like me, to honor their bodies and become the best version of themselves!

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