Frequently Asked Questions

Level UP FAQs

Yes, I will help you learn how to both track in MyFitnessPal as well as help you find foods that will help you hit your daily macro goals.

You certainly can. My goal is to provide you with the daily macronutrient ratio that best supports your health and fitness goals. I provide the tools; you put in the work!

If you have never tracked macros before, you will most likely catch on within the first week. There are many tips and tricks to learning the process, but I discuss all of that with you during our 1st Level UP live coaching session.

No, I encourage you to eat what makes you feel your best, as long as it fits in your daily macro goal. I WILL encourage you to hit your macros with as many whole (one ingredient) foods as possible, as we know that is what best supports achieving optimal health! Again, I will discuss how to track with an 80/20 approach.

YES! You will be a part of a 5-week private group of like-minded ladies going through the same training phase and macro tracking. Everyone’s macros are different; however, we are all in it together. I will coach you every step of the way! You will have full access to the community for support and questions.

Yes, you will receive access to my strength training program that includes 5 days of in-app programmed workouts for you! Easy to follow and no thinking required; just showing up!

Fitness App FAQs

I use hand weights, resistance bands/cable machine movements, mini loop bands and body weight movements that area all designed to help you build lean muscle mass and tone up.

$12.99/month and you can cancel at any time.

4 days – lower body, upper body, CORE & hit cardio & full body.

Yes, for sure. They are at home friendly or you can take the app to the gym.

A couple sets of dumbbells, tube resistance bands or access to a cable machine, mini loop bands and a sturdy surface. And a device that you can follow the workout in my fitness app.

30-50 minutes. Possibly longer if you like to stretch after or shorter if you cut down on how many rounds you do. That’s the beauty of the app, you can do whatever you can show up for that day!

Why of course, you can do my program plus your class at the gym. Or you can sub out one of my workouts for your class. It’s very flexible, you can do the workouts on whatever day it best fits your schedule. They are all pre-programmed in the app just waiting for you to open it up and hit START!

Possibly; many of my clients have seen amazing results from incorporating my strength training program 4 days a week, especially those who have paired it with my Personal Macronutrient Consultation or my Level UP 5-week Program.

1:1 Coaching FAQs

No there isn’t. During 1:1 coaching it is my goal to help you find foods that you enjoy and honor your body and goals. We will discuss what this looks like for you and I will provide the appropriate resources and guidance.

Level UP is a 5-week group challenge that pairs your custom personal macro calculation (by me) and my strength training program. 1:1 coaching is a custom hand-held approach with weekly 1:1 contact with me. You will find great accountability in both, however, if you are looking for a more personal, customized plan with strict accountability, 1:1 coaching is for you.  

YES!  1:1 coaching is where you will get the MOST accountability of all my services. Essentially, I become your personal health coach assistant. 

Absolutely not! I also work with women who want to learn how to eat intuitively and develop a healthy relationship with food. Tracking macros is a tedious task that can bring great results; however, it isn’t for everyone.

Macronutrient Consult FAQs

No, there isn’t; however, this is a macronutrient packet that has a lot of valuable information to help you understand what foods fit into each macronutrient category.

1:1 coaching offers weekly accountability check-ins, bi-monthly 1-hour zoom sessions, goal setting, and 24-hour access to your coach. The macro consult is your personalized custom daily macronutrient count for you to execute on your own.

If you would like to add a consult call with this service, you are more than welcome to so we can discuss any questions you may have. If you are looking for more accountability, 1:1 coaching may be a good fit for you.

Success Stories

“I feel like I have the tools to now continue this on my own and be successful.  Thank you for having the accountability group to check in with each day.”

– Angie, Level UP Participant

“Thank you for everything!  Your coaching and resources helped me put everything in perspective and begin feeling better about my health.”

– 1:1 coaching client

“It’s so easy to use, it tells me when to rest and when to go.  It challenges me!  It’s just perfect, I am thrilled that I found it and you all need to know about it!”

– Leann, Fitness app member