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You will never regret a workout. Daily movement is key to achieving optimal health. Whether that is an organized workout, a walk, or playing with your kids.  It doesn’t require 7 days a week of long hours in the gym. Train smarter, not harder. Let me help you maximize your potential in less time.

My Health and Fitness services are based on the “Four Pillars”:

  • 80/20 Nutrition with a whole food approach
  • Daily Movement with a mix of strength training and play
  • Positive Community so you feel supported and encouraged
  • Spirituality so you can fulfill your God given purpose

Let’s find the right fit for you…

Strength and Resistance Training Program: $12.99/month

There’s no doubt that exercise is good for you. While there are many forms of exercise the key is to find something you enjoy and have a plan!

I am passionate about strength and resistance training and the health benefits it produces, like healthy body composition and lean muscle mass that supports a healthy metabolism and strong bone health. Our bodies need to experience a variety of movements we enjoy to achieve optimal health.

My Fully Equipped Fit Squad strength training program is designed to help you build lean muscle mass to tone up, lean out and get stronger as you age!

What’s Included:

  • 4 new strength & resistance in app programmed workouts each week
  • In app fat burning cardio suggestions
  • Your all-in-one intuitive custom fitness app with capabilities to connect to your smart watch, MyFitnessPal and more
  • Track progress with your workouts, host progress photos & measurements

Fitness App FAQs

I use hand weights, resistance bands/cable machine movements, mini loop bands and body weight movements that area all designed to help you build lean muscle mass and tone up.

$12.99/month and you can cancel at any time.

4 days – lower body, upper body, CORE & hit cardio & full body.

Yes, for sure. They are at home friendly or you can take the app to the gym.

A couple sets of dumbbells, tube resistance bands or access to a cable machine, mini loop bands and a sturdy surface. And a device that you can follow the workout in my fitness app.

30-50 minutes. Possibly longer if you like to stretch after or shorter if you cut down on how many rounds you do. That’s the beauty of the app, you can do whatever you can show up for that day!

Why of course, you can do my program plus your class at the gym. Or you can sub out one of my workouts for your class. It’s very flexible, you can do the workouts on whatever day it best fits your schedule. They are all pre-programmed in the app just waiting for you to open it up and hit START!

Possibly; many of my clients have seen amazing results from incorporating my strength training program 4 days a week, especially those who have paired it with my Personal Macronutrient Consultation or my Level UP 5-week Program.

Success Stories

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Hi, I'm Molly!

As an Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach I want to help women like you achieve optimal health. I firmly believe that God has a divine purpose for each and every one of us and it is my passion and mission to Equip and Empower women with the proper tools and strategies to fulfill their God given purpose with confidence and success. 

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